MSU Rally Calls for Resignation of Board of Trustees, Interim President Engler

MSU Rally Calls for Resignation of Board of Trustees, Interim President Engler

EAST LANSING - In the fallout of the Larry Nassar scandal, Michigan State University Board of Trustees and Interim President John Engler have been widely criticized for continuously mishandling the incident throughout the years. 

A rally was held this past Friday at the Hannah Administration building on MSU's campus for students, survivors, faculty and alumni to voice their frustrations and demand resignations. 

The message was very clear.

"Resign now Board of Trustees," Yousef Rabhi, D-Ann Arbor exclaimed to the crowd of over 100 people. "Resign now President Engler. Your time is done, your time is done. You have mismanaged, you have mishandled. You have done so much poor, poor work, that we do not want you here anymore."

Survivors say that the board enabled predators like Nassar to continue working at the school, while victims were constantly questioned, silenced and weren't given the proper counseling and tools by the school to heal and move on.

The rally served as a warning for the board and Engler.

"We're coming after you in the next election," Rabhi said. "We're coming after you in 2020. We're coming after you in 2022. We're going to remember what you did."

Students say that they deserve more of a voice when it comes to rules and policies that get voted on and take place inside the Hannah Administration building.

"The biggest kind of overall theme with everything here, everything going on on campus this year, is we want more of a community voice in the decisions on leadership and how things are carried out here," MSU student Robert Gracin said.

Organizations like Reclaim MSU are pushing for new policies and proposals to be implemented.

"The biggest part of the proposal is the bylaw changes" Community Coordinator for Reclaim MSU Natalie Rogers said. "And so part of that would be creating a university board that would work alongside the Board of Trustees and that would be composed of students, faculty and staff. And it would also create provisions for a presidential search that would allow students, staff and faculty to have a voting voice in the process."

Many at the rally said they will not rest until they see change and will not soon forget the mistakes and mishandlings of the governing body of Michigan State University.

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