Drain Replacement Project in Okemos

Drain Replacement Project in Okemos

OKEMOS - Meridian Township's Department of Public Works & Engineering has applied for a Special Use Permit to replace two drain structures in the floodplain of the Pine Lake Outlet Drain adjacent to the Meridian Township Interurban Pathway located east of Okemos Road, west of Marsh Road, and south of Haslett Road.

The first site is located on the Interurban Pathway, north of the Canadian National Railroad tracks and south of Wildflower Estates. The existing concrete bridge over the drain is proposed to be replaced with an aluminum arch. 

The second site is located on the Nancy Moore Park Trail, where it connects to Nemoke Trail, south of the CN Railroad tracks and west of Nemoke Trails Apartments. 

The goal of the project is to improve the deteriorating infrastructure around the two drain locations. To construct the new bridge near the railroad tracks, a total of 49.5 cubic yards will need to be excavated from under the currently existing bridge, and the Nemoke Trail drain location would replace the metal culvert drain with a concrete pipe and add fill material to stabilize the banks of the drain.

The Meridian Township Planning Commission approved the Special Use Permit on February 26. There has not yet been a set date as to when construction is expected to begin, so stay tuned to HOMTV for future updates.

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