New Costco Hiring More Than 100 Employees

New Costco Hiring More Than 100 Employees

EAST LANSING - Costco is looking to hire excited, hard-working employees for the newest location at 5800 Park Lake Road.

Costco Midwest Marketing Operations Manager Matt Alleva says the wholesale warehouse is looking to hire more employees than usual.

"We're just about halfway through our hiring process, we're going to hire 200 new employees for this location," Alleva said. "As of right now we're still in need of about 120 employees."

A temporary office has been opened at 3050 E. Lake Lansing Road specifically for the hiring process. The application process is similar to other retail jobs Alleva says.

"Start by going on to put in your application," Alleva said. "As of right now we have managers that are pulling those applications and we're setting up the entry level first interview."

Prospective employees will have an interview at the temporary office. Alleva stresses that because Costco will employ 200 people, being a team player is an important quality to have.

Along with hiring new employees, Costco is also looking for new members. Tents are popping up all around the Lansing area for this purpose. Alleva says that there are special incentives to signing up early for memberships.For anyone that signs up now the renewal date for membership is going to be November 1. New members can shop at another Costco location until doors open in East Lansing.

Alleva says that construction is 100% on schedule, and will open on October 27 at 8 a.m.

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