Local Firefighters Host 15th Annual Fish For Kids Fundraising Tournament

Local Firefighters Host 15th Annual Fish For Kids Fundraising Tournament

OKEMOS - Firefighters are seen putting out harsh flames, handling emergencies, and maybe even the stereotypical scene where they are rescue cats from a tree. However, at the beginning of July local firefighters held a fishing tournament to help kids.

Local firefighters and their families from the mid-Lansing area came together at the Lake Lansing Boat Launch to raise money for the Great Lakes Burn Camp. The camp is for children who are victims of burning accidents. This place allows the children to come together, meet victims similar to them, and share their stories.

The participants paired up into teams and spent five hours on Lake Lansing trying to catch the biggest game fish, bass fish and panfish. After the tournament was over the teams enjoyed a nice barbecue as well as an ending ceremony so the winners could receive their trophies.

"The thing is that, not only does everyone that come out here enjoy fishing, but they enjoy the cause, you know and getting together with their fellow co-workers or other personnel that are in the surrounding area,” said Hank Villegas, who is a Firefighter for the Lansing Fire Department. “They all know the money is going towards a good cause."

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For more information about the Great Lakes Burn Camp you can visit their website at www.greatlakesburncamp.org


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