Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer

Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - As the weather is warming up during these summer months, it is important to keep your body at a normal temperature.

Chief of Training and EMS Operations of Meridian Fire Department Bill Priese said the biggest key is to stay hydrated.

"Drink lots of fluids especially fluids that may contain some electrolytes and salts," Priese said. "That helps with keeping a balance in your system."

When working outside in hot conditions, one way to beat the heat is a buddy system.

"If me and you are working outside today, we kind of watch each other," Priese said. "If I start to get a little woozy and you see that, maybe it is time for us to take a break, cool off, and relax."

It might be challenging for those who don't have access to air conditioning to keep cool. Cooling centers are making it a little easier.

Meridian Senior Center Coordinator Cherie Wisdom said the senior center is one of the many cooling centers in Meridian Township.

"Well, you can get a nice cool drink and if you are in the middle of watching one of your favorite shows, you can always come in and watch TV," Wisdom said.

As you get older, it may be harder to handle high temperatures than when you were younger. Meridian Township Engineering Aide Archie Virtue works outside during the summer months and knows about the difference age makes in staying cool.

"As you get older, you learn that your body doesn't take care of the heat as well as it used to when you are young and just be careful not to get overheated a lot faster now than you could 20 years ago," Virtue said.

Virtue is also sure to wear breathable clothing, sunglasses and a hat to block the sun.

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