Experts Encourage Residents to Use Sunscreen This Summer

Experts Encourage Residents to Use Sunscreen This Summer

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - It's summertime and that means spending a lot of time outside enjoying the warm weather. While it might be thought that laying out at the beach may be the only time to use sunscreen, it is important to apply it for every outdoor activity you do in order to prevent the risk of skin damage, or even worse, skin cancer.

Felicia McMullen from the American Cancer Society suggests that, "everyone should be using sunscreen, although people with fair skin are more at risk, it is a good idea for everyone to use." Sunscreen should be applied every two hours, especially when you're sweating or around water. It is also recommended to use a full ounce to put on each area of your body. If these steps are followed, the risk for skin cancer is lowered greatly.

McMullen said that before you head out this summer, make sure you always have at least a travel size of sunscreen with you. You never know when you may need it, because it could potentially save your life.

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