The Wharton Welcomes Home FUN HOME

The Wharton Welcomes Home FUN HOME

EAST LANSING - FUN HOME quite literally found its way back home. The 2015 Tony Award winning Broadway musical originated in Lansing, with the playwright and lyrics written by Lisa Kron.

FUN HOME is based off a true story and originated as a graphic novel written by Alison Bechdel. The musical follows Alison throughout her life, and Alison appears as a child, teenager and adult in the musical.

Actress Abby Corrigan plays Alison as a teenager.

"The musical is about sexual awakening. It is about finding out who you want to be rather than who your parents want you to be," Corrigan said.

The show constantly interchanges between the three Alison's as she learns her identity.

"I've never done a musical like this, and I don't think I would be the same person without it," Corrigan said.

The opening night was Tuesday, June 6 and the show runs until Sunday, June 11.

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