Twin Art Prodigies Discovered In Okemos

Twin Art Prodigies Discovered In Okemos

OKEMOS - After twin boys took an art class in Downtown Okemos, their lives changed forever.

Owner of Arty Party studios, Vivian Dwyer, saw Louis and Max Boyang's artwork and said the details in their drawing were far more advanced than any 9 year-old's.

"I knew they were prodigies right away," Dwyer said.

Max and Louis had been drawing since a young age, but with a family with three generations of scientists and engineers, their interest in art was never taken seriously by their parents. After they attended the class, Vivian became their mentor.

She said the precision of the lines that they drew surprised her.

"I taught K-12 for a while and that age all draw things pretty similar, some are better than others. Where their lines were something I learned in college."

The two have very different styles of art.

"They're both very talented, but they can't do what the other one does. Max just like to do bugs, he uses pen and ink a little bit of color, where Louis likes to draw flowers and trees," Dwyer said.

"Louis just has to look at flower once and he can remember it. He doesn't even need anything in front of him. It was just in his brain like a computer. It was just in him, he didn't learn it from anybody."

And she thinks this is a sight that everyone should see.

"People should really see this, because prodigies are very rare but identical twin prodigies, I don't believe they exist."

Two years after being discovered by Dwyer, they are award winning artists with their own art exhibit in Arty Party Studios.

"They've won awards all over the country in adult shows and the jurors have no idea that they're children but they enter them and they win awards," Dwyer said.

Even she is surprised about how far they've come.

"I didn't think they could get much better than last year, but they are. They're a lot better and they just keep learning," Dwyer said.

The exhibit lasts until June 9. There are 28 pieces on display in the exhibit with more than half of the pieces already sold.

Fifty percent of the proceeds from the exhibit will be donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Lansing. Purchases can be made by calling the studio.

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