Haslett High School Hosts 'Got Taste, Got Talent' Fundraiser Event

Haslett High School Hosts 'Got Taste, 
Got Talent' Fundraiser Event

HASLETT - There was food and there was talent at Haslett High School as local food vendors and students from the district came together for the 5th annual "Got Taste, Got Talent" fundraiser event.

Attendees got to sample different foods from various vendors before being getting to enjoy the talent portion of the evening. Students from kindergarten all the way through twelfth grade participated in the different categories of the show. Categories included vocal, instrumental, dance and more.

Kelly Flagg, President of the Foundation for Haslett Public Schools, said while the talent show varies each year, it's something the students look forward to every time.

"Every year our show is a little bit different depending on the make up of the talent that applies and then we award two-hundred dollars for each winning event so it's a pretty big deal for the students," Flagg said.

Flagg was one of the emcees of the evening, along with Matt Sauer, who kept the crowd laughing with puns while in between acts.

The winning cash prize was provided by Dean Transportation and Dean Trailways of Michigan.

The money raised from the event goes back to Haslett Public Schools in the form of grants and scholarships as well as allows for improvements of Haslett High School's Performing Arts Center.

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