How to Detect Animal Abuse

How to Detect Animal Abuse

LANSING - According to the ASPCA, an animal is abused every10 seconds. Most of these cases go unreported and according to media reports happen in both urban and rural areas.

"We know there are a lot of animals right now tied to dog houses that aren't getting the food they need or the shelter they need or the protection they need,” said Julia Willsow, President/CEO of The Capital Area Humane Society (CAHS). “I can tell you, we see cases that can classify as abuse on a regular basis, on a daily basis."

Abuse is not only in the form of physical violence but neglect and abandonment as well.

“There are certainly cases where we see animal abuse and its very blatant, There are some cases where it appears the animals not getting basic needs and it needs further investigation,” said Willsow.

Studies also show that animal abuse can be a sign of mental instability in the offender. The majority of these abuse cases occur with bully breeds.

"There are a lot of studies that prove that there's a correlation between abuse to animals and abuse to people later in life,” said Willsow. “So we know that without question anyone that’s demonstrating or displaying active abuse towards an animal whether it be a child or adult has a propensity to display those same characteristics or those same behaviors to humans. So it is a concern."

If you suspect any signs of abuse, alert authorities immediately.

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