North Meridian Park Construction

North Meridian Park Construction

UPDATE: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Residents are excited to get rid of an eye sore located in North Meridian Road Park.

The Parks and Recreation will be installing a new bathroom in the coming months to replace the unsightly port-a-potty.

"Sadly there's no restroom, and when you have all these people out there and a playground that's no good. so we were fortunate enough to receive a grant from the Land and Water Conservation fund. Which is through the National Park Service for $150, 000." Said Jane Greenway, the Parks and Land Manager Coordinator.

The new bathroom will be two stalled and be open year round. It will also be heated to be comfortable during the winter time.

ORIGINAL STORY: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Something going in at the Meridian Road Park? Watch the next episode of Meridian Magazine to find out.

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