Toxic Garden Tools

Toxic Garden Tools

UPDATE: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Summer is here, but are you safe gardening?

It's the time of year where everyone is excited to be outside and work on their gardens. But are you safe? Seventy percent of your garden products could contain chemicals if not used properly.

The Ecology Center in Ann Arbor tested more than 150 garden products from hoses, to tools, to even gloves, and the only one that they were most concerned about were garden hoses.

"I think that it's been something that people have known for sometime you don't drink out of your garden hose. It's not meant for food use it's not meant to drink out of. You think about this time of year, it's hot out you're gardening, your kids are playing with the hose and your might be tempted to drink out of it. It's right there it's cold water, but take the time to go in the house to get a water bottle to get a drink out of the sink. Hoses can contain cardigans, lead, things you don't want to drink. " Said Lisa Harkness, Sales Manager of Van Atta's Greenhouse in Haslett.

So it's basically just common sense.

A couple of tips to follow this summer would to let the water run a few seconds before using it just to flush out the chemicals that's been sitting in the hose since last time you used it.

"Dehydration, tetanus, making sure you have your tetanus shot before you go digging around in the dirt. Making sure you wear sunscreen." Said Harkness.

But above all, just enjoy the outdoors.

ORIGINAL STORY: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Is there cause to worry about toxic tools for gardening? Find out on the next Changing Seasons.

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