Prescription Take Back

Prescription Take Back

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - In April, Meridian Township held a Recycling event right in the Meridian Municipal Complex. One of the specialty sections they had there was the proper disposal of pharmaceuticals.

People of the community were able to come in and get rid of their prescription and non prescription drugs, even the medication for pets were accepted, so that the drugs could be properly disposed of.

"Definitely get rid of it as soon as possible as soon as you are not using it any more. Make sure that you notify your physician that you have your physician permission to stop using it and bring it to one of these events, in order to get it out of your house because you don't want children or pets or even yourself to accidentally mistaken this for a medication that you should be taken and could have harmful effects as a result of that." Said Lee King, a pharmacist with the Capital Area Pharmacist Association.

People were asked to have the medications in original containers if possible, mark out the patients name, but leave the name of the drug on it. Separate into types, ie pills, liquids, creams, and aerosol containers. But most importantly sharp objects, needles or mercury thermometers were not accepted.

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