Greater Lansing Woman of the Year Nominee

Greater Lansing Woman of the Year 

UPDATE: HASLETT - The greater Lansing Woman of the Year Event is to acknowledge women that contribute to the community. The 2012 Nominees have been named and humanitarian Mary Nelson is among them.

"I've been on the resource commission for a good many years but my heart has always been working with the food bank and getting it going and all the many programs that we've done with that." Says Nelson.

Nelson has been an avid volunteer for almost 23-years, and looks forward to helping those that sometimes just need a little extra lift in their lives.

"It's been great working with the moms and women assorted woman that needed help and a lot of them just fall between the cracks with needing groceries but also needing other assistance. They're happy to get the groceries but then they're casually mention I have a utilities shut off or if I particularly ask how things are going. Okay except for I have a shut off notice."

With all these selfless acts one has to wonder what's the best part for her being a part of this.

"Just some of the warm hugs that I've gotten from some of the women. Or they'll call back with a lot of thanks helping us get through and now I've got a job and now I can contribute or just I got through school I got a degree and those are just some things that stick in my mind."

She is even humbled by the nomination.

"Well, I was very much surprised to be nominated and also to be a finalist for it. It's certainly a great honor to be considered."

The other nominees are Theda Assiff, Connie Crittenden, Jamie Robinson, Joan Nelson, Rebecca Judd, Mandy Springer, Jamie McAloon-Lampman, Nance Pople, and Karen Joy McGarry. The winner will be announced on Tuesday May 15.

ORIGINAL STORY: HASLETT - A local woman has been nominated for the Greater Lansing Woman of the year for her humanitarian work at a local food bank. Watch Meridian Magazine for the details.

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