Fur Ball

Fur Ball


ORIGINAL STORY: LANSING - Local dogs were dressed to the nines last month at Eagle Eye Golf Club.

The 9th annual Capital Area Humane Society Fur Ball's theme was Mardi Paws.

"We have about the same number of guests which is not a bad thing because we have a full room. Behind me are 42 tables full of people who are very supportive of our cause we can't thank them enough for coming and supporting the animals." Said Eric Langdon, Director of Development Capital Area Humane Society.

Supporters and dog lovers like Mike Fontaine.

"We've been sponsoring this event I think this is our fourth year we sponsor the pooch parade it's out favorite part we love the event it's a great event it's a great cause and we're going to be here every year."

While Mike and his wife enjoy socializing and the silent auction, their dogs Gigi and Tommy Boy enjoy the pooch perks of the fur ball.

The employees of Eagle Eye wait to take the dogs to the Doggie Spa where they will be treated to ta meal and get a massage. There are even couches and a bed to relax on.

Doing some socializing of their own there are also bowls to drink from and plenty of toys to play with.

With all the fabulous treatment Gigi and Tommy Boy look forward to this even every year.

Photos of the event will be available on the Capital Area Humane Society's website.

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