Holiday Shopping Safety Tips with Captain Grillo

Holiday Shopping Safety Tips with Captain Grillo

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - As the holidays approach, the Meridian Township Police Department would like to remind shoppers to shop safely this holiday season.

Meridian Police Captain Rick Grillo spoke with HOMTV to share safety tips for the community when it comes to shopping in-person and online. His video can be viewed below.

Tips for shopping in-person:

-Don’t carry large sums of cash.
-If you lose your card, notify your credit card company first, then call the police.
-Don’t leave valuables in plain sight inside your vehicle.
-Be aware of con-artists and scammers soliciting for money, (If you don’t recognize the charity, don’t donate until you do your research).
-Shop with a friend.
-Protect your electronic devices by keeping them in your front pocket.
-Be aware of ‘shoulder surfers.’

Tips for shopping online:

-Use online sites that you know and trust.
-Know that your card information may not be secure, if you are dealing with a site you don’t know.
-When using public Wi-Fi, use a VPN to ensure your connection is secure.
-Avoid special offers from holiday shopping emails.
-Frequently check your accounts for suspicious activity.
-Ship your items to a secure location. If you aren’t going to be home, make sure you ship your items to a place that can arrive safely.
-Save your receipts.

Tips for shopping with children:

-Keep them close or leave them at home if you can.
-Come up with a plan just in case you are separated.
-Teach them who is safe and not safe to talk to.
-Write your phone number in the child’s jacket.

Tips for shopping in the dark:

-Be mindful of parking in well-lit areas and close by the entrance.
-If you are not comfortable walking out, you can ask the store for an escort and/or the police department for an escort, (they will help if/when they are available).

For more information or if you have additional questions, contact the Meridian Township Police Department at 517.853.4800.

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