Ingham County Treasurer Hosts the Second Annual Tax Property Auction this Month.

Ingham County Treasurer Hosts the Second Annual Tax Property Auction this Month.

LANSING - Last Monday, the Ingham County Landbank and Treasurer's offices hosted their second annual tax Property Auction at the Lansing Center.

The properties offered at the auction have been foreclosed for non-payment of delinquent real property taxes and/or special assessments in the past.

With over 30 properties displayed at this auction, this was the second part of a two auction process, with the first round carried out in August selling around two million dollars worth of properties.

Ingham County Treasurer Eric Schertzing Stated that, "The numbers of properties at the auction vary over time. Last year because of COVID, we had hardly any.This year is a little bit more because of the COVID hiatus if you will, but also the economy we will probably have a few more tax foreclosures in the future, so I do encourage people who have the interest to sign up and get on our email list."

Buyers who are unable to attend the sale can be represented by an agent or representative with the legal authority to bid and otherwise represent the person.

Mr. Schertzing also said, "The Ingham County treasurer is also the chair of the Ingham County Land Bank Authority. This auction is a legal process of the county treasurer, but because of the skillset and the resources of the land bank, they're the agent in managing the properties."

Visitors who attended the auction were strongly encouraged to sign up on the website's email list to get more information about the displayed properties at the auction. In addition, coffee and Danish pastries were served at the auction for visitors, buyers, and staff members.

For more information about the foreclosed properties, auction process, or, future auctions dates, visit the Ingham County treasurer's office website at or call (517) 676-7220

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