New Surface Amendment Allows Smoother Glide on Artificial Ice Rink

New Surface Amendment Allows Smoother Glide on Artificial Ice Rink

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP, MI - The Meridian Township Parks and Recreation Department has added a surface amendment to the new artificial ice skating rink to allow for a smoother skating experience.

On Nov. 19, 2021 the Parks and Recreation Department “broke the ice” and opened up the community’s new artificial ice skating rink. Even though artificial ice was expected to be slower than the real thing, public feedback was less than satisfactory.

Once users began expressing disappointment in the skating experience, the Parks and Recreation Department decided to look for solutions. After working with manufacturers of the rink, a new surface amendment was added. This edition is expected to greatly improve the skating experience.

The ice rink is expected to remain open until April 2022, which allows community members lots of time to come back and try again.

Meridian Township is a green community, which is why it may have been a shock to community residents that the Township chose a plastic skating rink option.

“I'm very supportive of most Township initiatives, but am disappointed to see more plastic being introduced to the environment,” Michelle Beloskur, community member, said.

According to the Meridian Township Parks and Recreation facebook page, the ice rink material can be used for 20-30 years. This will allow the Township to get significant use of the rink until they are ready to safely dispose of the materials. The Township will work with Reclaimed by Design to determine the best method of disposal.

If you own your own pair of ice skates you’re in luck. The synthethetic skating experience can also improve with freshly sharpened skates.

For those who don't own their own skates, you can choose from a variety of sizes located in the lending box.

The artificial ice rink is located at the Marketplace on the Green Pavilion, 1995 Central Park Drive. The rink is open for skating everyday from dawn until 9:00 pm.

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