Haslett Middle School Green Infrastructure Project

Haslett Middle School Green Infrastructure Project

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP, MICHIGAN - Haslett Middle School has been working very hard on a very interesting project. Teachers and students alike are beautifying and restoring the open space in the center of Haslett Middle School.

Last spring, Bridget Booth, a teacher at Haslett Middle School, approached Meridian Township through the Environmental Commission and applied for a grant. This is an environmental project led by students, teaching them to develop ideas, problem solve and learn of the environment around them.

Bridget stated, "When I was hired here at Haslett Middle School, three years ago, right outside my classroom window was one of those interior courtyards that's an outdoor space, but surrounded by building and it just looked like it hadn't been loved in a while. It looked a little neglected, with some cement benches. It looked like at one point it had been something, but it was sort of an unused space."

Bridget Booth is ecstatic to be leading the group, since she is very passionate about environmental education. With the new project, Haslett Middle school is “leaf-ing” a great impact onto the environment!

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