'Howl'oween at the Large Dog Park

'Howl'oween at the Large Dog Park

OKEMOS - Last week, Meridian Township invited fellow community members to attend the second “Howl” oween event bringing together dogs and dog lovers for a fun evening at the Large Dog Park located by 1990 Central Park Drive.

This event featured a range of fun activities for dogs and dog owners to compete with prizes at the end of each contest. These games included musical sits, dog racing, treat catching, Halloween photoshoot, bark mimicking, and more. Around 15 dogs attended this event; leashes were required during most of these contests.

“We decided to come today just because it sounded like a fun event, we just have one dog, and he loves to play with other dogs, so figured this would be a perfect to time have him run around with other dogs; the dogs are generally pretty well tamed, and all the dogs are vaccinated and have all of their records, so I feel comfortable coming here since everyone has to register in order to come,” said one of the members who attended.

The event was scheduled to occur at the Large Dog Park between 6:30 p, and 8:00 pm on Wednesday, October 27. Members attending were advised to have their dog license at all times alongside the fob provided upon registering to enter the park.


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