Concerns About Harmful TikTok Challenges In Schools

Concerns About Harmful TikTok Challenges In Schools

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Monthly challenges have been floating around TikTok and this has caused concern for parents, teachers and even the police.

We spoke with Meridian Township's Officer Chrissy Scaccia, who said the challenges, better known as 'devious licks' have thankfully not happened in Meridian Township yet.

"I followed up with Officer [Bryan] LeRoy, who is the school resource officer for Okemos, to see if he had heard of any, and neither one of us have had any reports to us or to our department that we are aware of," Scaccia said.

Even though Meridian Township's schools have not been affected by these challenges, Scaccia, who is a school resource officer as well, said it was important for students and parents to know the consequences.

"You could face school sanctions like being suspended, in-school suspension, I suppose if you have extracurricular activity, you could have that taken away from you as well," Scaccia said. "Not only that, it could turn into criminal action. They could press charges for assault, the damage to property, the theft of property. And these are things that could stay on their record for a really long time."

Some of the monthly challenges include:
-October: Smacking a staff member
-February: Mess up school signs
-March: Make a mess in the cafeteria

For parents, Scaccia said the best thing to do is have open communication with your child about internet trends and other topics.

"Don't just say my child would never do that," Scaccia said. "Have a conversation and be open with them."

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