Park Lake Roundabout Cleanup and Painted Rock Installation

Park Lake Roundabout Cleanup and Painted Rock Installation

OKEMOS - Last Wednesday morning, LeRoy Harvey, the Environmental Programs Coordinator for Meridian Township, gathered alongside two gardeners from the Burcham Retirement Community at the Park Lake roundabout to place some rocks painted by the volunteers at the retirement home.

The painted rocks serve as ground markers for the gardeners to assist in the removal of harmful weeds and plants growing during the spring season, as well as improving the aesthetic look of the roundabout. The Park Lake roundabout is one of many sites around Meridian Township maintained by volunteers learning about the environment.

This roundabout was built as a demonstration of ecological restoration and neighborhood beautification. It features native plants, recycled materials, and water-conserving features that help with flood control and the health of the ecosystem.

LeRoy stated that, ”This Hidden River Roundabout Rain Garden is kind of unique because it’s not only is it highly visible, but it’s right between Haslett, Okemos, and East Lansing. So we have neighborhoods in East Lansing that are involved with some of the projects and also residents in Haslett and Okemos. So it’s kind of a meeting ground for people to learn about rain gardens, native plants, pollinator-friendly landscapes”.

The rain garden now absorbs and purifies the rain and stormwater, demonstrating a type of “green infrastructure,” which improves water quality and reduces flooding in the Red Cedar River while significantly improving traffic flow and safety. To learn more about rain gardens, rainwater collection, green infrastructure, and climate sustainability, call 517.853.4466 or go to


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