MSU Chocolate Party

MSU Chocolate Party

EAST LANSING - Chocolate,chocolate and more chocolate was on the mind of over four hundred guests at the 23rd MSU Chocolate Party.

"For twenty three years we have been hosting some of the best chocolatiers in the Lansing area and providing an opportunity for the people of Lansing and beyond to enjoy some of the great sweets that their creativity can provide. The event is an important one for the MSU museum because it benefits our collection, and our collection which number nearly a million objects spanning natural science, history, anthropology, through to folk and decorative arts all benefit from the proceeds from this benefit." Said Gary Morgan, the Director of the MSU Museum.

The Chocolate Party has a new theme every year which has included space ships, pyramids, and gardens. This year's theme was "Cabinets of Curiosity" which is suppose to reflect the ideas of museums as a place where oddities were stored.

With all the sweet stuff going around guests were invited to quench their thirst with milk or even a glass of wine to compliment the taste of chocolate.

As an event for people of all ages one has to wonder who gets more excited about it, the kids or the adults?

Morgan says, "Sure it does appeal to families, while the kids do love the chocolate don't underestimate how much the adults love the chocolate as well."

It should be noted in two years it will be the 25th Chocolate Party and something very special is being planned for the event.

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