Electric Appliance Showcase Capitol Day

Electric Appliance Showcase Capitol Day

LANSING, MI - Directly outside of the Lansing Capitol Building, electrical companies and environmental groups collaborated today with the purpose of educating the public on the promising new environment-friendly appliances.

During this event, Electric Appliance Showcase Capitol Day, Derrell Slaughter, with the Natural Resources Defense Council, is an advocate for the Michigan Clean Energy, stating, "We feel that if we electrify our homes, we'll essentially be able to keep our homes heated and be able to cook, build and those sorts of things, without emitting those greenhouse gas emissions and some of those other harmful emissions."

Derrell Slaughter added that anyone who passed by was able to learn of the helpful technology and to hopefully clear up the misinformation of electrification. The event aims to produce a comfortable transition to electric power and to provide information to many of the public.

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