Family Fun At The Annual Blue and Grey Living History Days

Family Fun At The Annual Blue and Grey Living History Days

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - If you drove past the Meridian Township Historical Village, you might have seen something that looked straight out of a history textbook.

Tents, campfires and people dressed in old-fashioned attire. These people didn't time travel, instead they are reenacting what it was like to live during the Civil War.

On Sunday, Oct. 3, the village was open to the public at 9:00 am and throughout the day, visitors were able to interact with the reenactors.

There was a church service, visitors were able to march with the soldiers and at the end of the day, there was a barn dance for all in attendance.

Don Everett, who has been a member of the 7th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Company B since 1981, said his favorite part about reenacting is the public.

"It's so nice to be out here with our friends and to see the public, get to interact with the public, that's part of what we're about," Everett, who was a barber at the event, said. "We want to persevere history. We want people to remember what these people did, how they sacrificed."

Julia Louisignau attended the Sunday event with husband Matt, son Jacoby (3) and daughter Tillie (4 weeks). She said this event is a great hands-on way to teach her children about history.

"It's really important for them to learn about all forms of history and my husband is a fifth grade teacher and we try really hard to make sure there is accurate information and that they get to learn hands on," Louisignau said. "There's no better way to do that then locally and meet people who are passionate about teaching others."

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