Mixed Use Planning Unit Development Ordinance Update

Mixed Use Planning Unit Development Ordinance Update

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP, MI - The Meridian Township Mixed Use Planning Unit Development (MUPUD) ordinance has been under discussion in the Township Board and Planning Commission since September 2020.

A MUPUD is a development that includes both commercial and residential developments on site.

Updates to this ordinance were discussed by the Township board at the July 20 meeting. Further discussion was paused until the joint Township Board and Planning Commission meeting held on August 16.

“The Planning Commission has made a recommendation on the language to the board, and we have yet to formally publish it at the board level,” said Community Planning and Development Director Tim Schmitt. “So, there is certainly all the time in the world for the board to propose amendments or suggest changes.”

During the joint meeting, the Planning commission discussed their thinking behind the ordinance updates. Discussion focused mostly on the amenity list development and the value of various amenities versus others.

Other discussion topics included the term “nonresidential”, the inclusion of the Meridian mall area for additional density, and how much definition certain items may need.

Both the Planning Commission and Township Board are ready to make changes to the ordinance; the Township Board will be taking up the changes as discussion continues.

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