Michigan Department Of Treasury Warns Residents: Be aware of Tax Scams

Michigan Department Of Treasury Warns Residents: Be aware of Tax Scams

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - During the summer, the Michigan Department of Treasury wants to warn Michigan taxpayers to stay alert for possible tax scammers.

Scammers do not stop at any point in the year, so the department urges residents to always be cautious. Scams can be carried out through impersonating tax officials on phone calls, emails, or even postal letters.

During the summer, the department sees scammers claim to be government officials and ask for cash through either wire transfers or prepaid cards. These requests can come off as urgent or aggressive to make it seem important.

Deputy Treasurer Glenn White said, “Scammers don’t take summer vacations.”

The Treasury Department wants to remind Michiganders that the State Treasury Department does not demand immediate payments using a specific method, threaten to involve police if you do not pay, threaten to seize property, or ask for card numbers over the phone or through email.

If you experience any of these behaviors from someone claiming to be a government official, remember the Treasury Department does not use these tactics and therefore it is a scammer.

If you receive a call from a scammer you should hang up immediately. If any emails are exchanged, those should be deleted as well.

For more information and tips to stay safe from scammers during the summer visit www.Michigan.gov/Treasury or if you have questions call 517.636.5265 to reach the Treasury’s Collections Service Center.

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