Traffic Speed Study on Mount Hope Road

Traffic Speed Study on Mount Hope Road

OKEMOS - A traffic speed study will be conducted on Mount Hope Road in Okemos between Comanche Drive and Chippewa Drive. The study was approved by the Meridian Township Board in a 7-0 vote during the June 15 meeting.

The current speed limit in that area is 45 mph and the limited sight from side roads poses a concern for pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicular traffic. The study will be overseen by the Michigan State Police (MSP) and the Ingham County Roads Department.

According to Captain Rick Grillo of the Meridian Township Police Department, the limited sight on the side streets of Mount Hope Road was brought to the attention of the department after a recent fatal crash and residents requesting action to be taken.

“Our main problem is the sight distance for the vehicles that are coming onto Mount Hope from the side streets, driveways and the cemetery,” Grillo said. “That’s our main concern and why we want vehicles to slow down.”

Although the start date of the study has not been determined, Grillo said these types of studies usually take a couple of weeks.

“Generally this type of study takes approximately a week and then once they have the data, they spend a few weeks analyzing the data before they make any type of decision,” Grillo said

Once the study is concluded, the MSP and the Ingham County Roads Department have three choices to make: increase the speed limit, decrease the speed limit or leave it at 45 mph. Grillo stated during the meeting that the police department hopes the speed limit will be decreased to 35 mph.

During the Township Board meeting, Supervisor Ron Styka advised residents to drive safely and slowly in order to help the study be successful.

“I would advise residents to go slow on Mount Hope,” Styka said. “Travel slow, don’t be pushing it on Mount Hope.”

Additional Resources

For more information on the Traffic Speed Study, see the Township Board Agenda on pg. 246


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