Jolly Road Welcomes Two New Commercial Developments

Jolly Road Welcomes Two New Commercial Developments

OKEMOS, MI - Okemos has welcomed two new commercial developments to Jolly Rd. Both Joe's on Jolly, a restaurant, and The Training Factory, a fitness center, will be available to residents in 2022.

Construction for Joe’s on Jolly began in 2021, and was originally planned to open the same year. COVID-19 halted the process, but progress is being made. According to Tim Schmitt, Community Planning & Development Director, they are expected to open up for business sometime this year.

Joe’s on Jolly will not only serve food and beverage, but will include outdoor fire-pit seating, lawn games, and seasonal outdoor entertainment.

Located just behind Joe’s on Jolly is The Training Factory. The new fitness center opened up early this year, and is available to the public every day from 5am to 11pm. The facility is a fully functioning gym, and also offers programs such as personal training and camps.

“Every developer is trying to find well-balanced, well-matching businesses and facilities for their residents,” Schmitt said. “These new developments are gonna bring that for residents.”

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