Park Commissioners Report on Geese Management at Lake Lansing

Park Commissioners Report on Geese Management at Lake Lansing

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP, MICHIGAN - During the March 9th Park Commission virtual meeting, the Commissioners discussed a property owner's request for a goose cull because of an overwhelming amount of geese on Lake Lansing.

LuAnn Maisner, Director of Parks and Recreation, suggested that one of two options. One, no action or two, this request could be referred to the advisory board for Lake Lansing. The Commissioners felt that this topic warranted further discussion with the Lake Lansing advisory and community members before any action against the geese is performed. The other members also began thinking of alternate ideas of preventing the geese from entering yards of homes on the lake.

"Maybe there's recommendations such as not mowing all the way down to the water's edge, and that would be one way to reduce the geese coming into their yards because they will jump," said Maisner.

To resolve this issue, the Park Commission as a whole decided not to take action on the geese problem at this time, and speak to the Lake Lansing advisory group, and work together to help fix the geese issue.

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