25 Year Plan to Improve Transportation in Greater Lansing

25 Year Plan to Improve Transportation in Greater Lansing

LANSING, MICHIGAN - Moving Mid-Michigan, a new plan to prioritize improvements to the Greater Lansing area’s transportation system, was announced by the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission. Executive Director for Moving Mid-Michigan Jim Snell, is hopeful that this plan will positively impact the Lansing area.

“As the needs of the people who live, work, and play in Greater Lansing consistently evolve, Moving Mid-Michigan will play a critical role in guiding transportation priorities for our region,” Snell said. “The transportation system is intertwined with our personal mobility, community development, business decisions, environmental wellbeing, and even health and safety.

Moving Mid-Michigan is developed through a collaborative process with opportunities for public members, road agencies, local, state, and federal government organizations, public transit providers, regional leaders, partners, and shareholders to identify the needs of the region. This plan will be in place for the next 25 years and will guide $7.2 billion into transportation projects proposed through 2045 through Clinton, Eaton, and Ingham counties.

“This strategic blueprint is at the core of advancing mobility and infrastructure investment, cultivating economic prosperity, and improving our overall quality of life for years to come,” said Snell.

The MTP plans for the Moving Mid-Michigan project and long-term strategies ensure our transportation system is reliable, accessible, safe, efficient, diverse, and resilient in the years to come.

To find out more information on Moving Mid-Michigan and how the MTP will plan transportation in various regions, visit miterpc.org/mtp

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