Census Day 2020

Census Day 2020

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - April 1, the day many know as April Fools day. With the year being 2020, April 1 is also Census Day. It is a day that determines who is counted in the 2020 Census and where they are counted. Census Day takes place every 10 years. It is mandated in the Constitution.

Many say that the key to this special day is to shape the future of your community. Statistics are used to understand how many seats the state holds in the U.S. House of Representatives. It also decides how much money will go into public funds for the state. This money can be used for important issues the state of Michigan would need. With the coronavirus happening, a good turnout from Census Day would put more funds into hospitals that need supplies.

Invitations started arriving in mailboxes during March 12-20. So far 36.2 percent of households across the nation have responded. It is very important to fill out an invitation to fulfill your states needs.
You can also respond to the 2020 Census online, the link will be attached below.

You are able to do the Census online with a smartphone, tablet, and computer/laptop. The website will help guide you to make sure you follow the directions correctly.

In relation to COVID-19, posted on the Census.gov website, states:

"This is really important with the current health and safety guidance being provided by national, state, and local health authorities. "

Tips posted from the website include:

- Respond to where you live as if April 1.

-Include everyone who usually lives and sleeps in your home as of April 1.

-Count college students even if they are living in a dorm.

The Census Bureau also had this to say, "Based on continuing assessments of guidance from federal, state and local health authorities, the Census Bureau is suspending 2020 Census Field Operations for two additional weeks to April 15th, 2020."

Updates and more information are on its way as the month of April moves forward.

Every household that did not respond should have received an additional reminder letter in the mail. This is a civic duty as an American today. Funding goes into important things like, education, transportation, employment, healthcare, and more.


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