Local Health Officials Discuss Coronavirus Prevention in Lansing

Local Health Officials Discuss Coronavirus Prevention in Lansing

LANSING, MI - Local health officials discussed coronavirus (COVID-19) prevention and preparation at the Ingham County Health Department in the Human Services Building, located at 5303 S. Cedar St. in Lansing, MI on Friday March 6th.

The event included several guest speaking, starting off with Brian Crenshaw, The Chairperson of Ingham County, the Mayor for the City of Lansing, Andy Schor, and Ingham County Medical Director Adenike Shoyinka, as well as Linda Vail, an Ingham County Health Officer. Ingham County was monitoring one person who recently returned from a travel area impacted by the coronavirus with the results coming back negative.

Adenike Shoyinka MD, of Ingham County spoke about how to take appropriate measures since it is growing in a number of countries, including parts of the United States. As of March 5th, the CVC reported 99 cases in the U.S in 13 states. The number is evolving. COVID-19 is a cause of concern and preparation, but not a cause for panic, and for many people, especially the young and healthy, COVID-19 is going to be a mild illness. I say that not to discount for those whom the disease will be severe or fatal, but I want everyone to keep risk in perspective.

Ingham County Health Officer Linda Vail, also spoke to everyone about how to prevent getting COVID-19 and how to prepare for it and says, “I started working in public health 20 years ago and for all that time, we have been prepared for things like this during my career in public health. 13 years of which I have been an Health Officer and now is the time to act on those plans.” She gave tips on how to prevent getting infected with COVID-19 by washing your hands, disinfecting surfaces that are touched on a daily basis, staying home if sick and keeping distance from people who show signs of illness.

Vail also added that, “Using a face mask is not recommended for well people and will not protect you from a virus particle in the air. Otherwise they are recommended for health care workers who are in close contact with patients or people actively caring for people with COVID-19.” She stresses the importance of this by stating, “We need those masks for the people you see around you, for people in long term care facilities that will be taking care of folks that might get this illness. We got to protect our workers and our responders with those mask, so we have enough of a workforce to take care of everyone else. I encourage people, preparation. not panic.”


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