Meridian Mall Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Meridian Mall Celebrates 50th Anniversary

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Over the years, Meridian Mall has been the center of retail activity in the Greater Lansing area and has been around the community for many years now. This year is its 50th golden anniversary and many residents and officials came out to celebrate the milestone.

"I'm very pleased and honored to be here today at Meridian Mall celebrate its 50th anniversary," said Supervisor Ronald J. Styka,"My own personal history goes back 48 years with the mall. I watched it grow and change and adapt to a changing time and has a great future. Right now, it's getting more entertainment use such as the trampoline park, the go-carting. And I think that tells you that this mall is going to be here forever. We really look forward to the mall continuing to be the commercial core of our entire Township."

Meridian Mall was built and opened to the public on November 6, 1969.

The General Manager of Meridian Mall Dan Irvin said that, "Meridian Mall is the economic hub for Meridian Township. We've seen lots of changes and lots of growth over the fifty years. We've seen a mix of entertainment uses. It's a very good time to be a part of Meridian Mall."

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