Artistic Opportunities in Lansing

Artistic Opportunities in Lansing

LANSING, MI - On August 28th, The Loft held an event called The Artist Umbrella to support local artist in the community. The event was from 6pm - 9:30 pm and there was Poets, Artists, Musical Performances, Stand up Comics and Inspirational Speakers.

Co-Creator and host of The Artist Umbrella Jeremy Hurt said "The purpose of the event is to give local artist in Lansing a chance to come out and show their skills, to where their appreciated and add a new night of entertainment for Lansing and something they don't have already."

The other creator of The Artist Umbrella Brandon Navin said "To create a safe space where people can come and express their creativity in whatever way, shape or form that may be. Bringing people together from different cultures, different walks of life where we all share one space and have fun."

Navin also said the importance of this event and believes Lansing has a lot of talent, but also thinks there is lack of opportunities, and we love the open mic idea, there's a lot of that going on, but would also like to add value to what is artist have to offer around here. We also have created an event where people can sell their tickets to promote their art and make a little money while doing it."

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