New Severe Weather Warning Siren Installed

New Severe Weather Warning Siren Installed

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - On Friday, May 3rd Meridian Township installed a new outdoor warning siren on Dobie Road, north of Kinawa Drive. It is the ninth warning siren in Meridian Township.

“Once we get it wired we will be ready for this summer when we get some heavy storms, we can notify this part of our Township during a severe weather warning,” said Fire Chief Mike Hamel.

Each warning siren currently covers a 5,000 ft. radius. In 2018 the Meridian Township Board set a goal to have all Meridian Township residents within coverage area of a siren. Since that time, three additional sirens have been installed.

The outdoor warning sirens are used in emergency situations and can be found throughout the Township including the Harris Nature Center, Academic Way, Wonch Park, The Lodges and the three Meridian Township Fire Stations.

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