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Township Board Discusses Jo Don Drive Property Rezone

On Tuesday, July 20, a request to rezone a 0.42 acre parcel at 5114 Jo Don Drive from RC, Multiple F...[More]

Martin Property Investments Propose a Rezone Near Jolly Road

Martin Property Investments, Inc plans to rezone three parcels on the north side of Jolly Road, near...[More]

Proposal to Rezone Green Space Receives Mixed Reactions

At the January 14th Meridian Township Planning Commission eeting, John Scott-Craig was elected as Ch...[More]

Area On Hamilton Road Approved To Be Rezoned

The Township Board approved an address on Hamilton Road to be rezoned at their meeting on July 19th....[More]

Office Space Set to be Rezoned to Accommodate Future Restaurants

With the hopes of bringing new high end restaurants to Meridian Township, Stockwell Development Grou...[More]

Request to Rezone Mayberry Homes

More homes may be coming to Meridian Township, if a request is approved.  President of Mayberry H...[More]

Eyde Rezone Could Mean More Commercial Areas in Meridian Township

At the March 23rd Planning Commission meeting, part of an rezoning project by the Eyde Company was a...[More]

Former Central Fire Station Rezoned Commercial

The property of the former Central Fire Station location has been rezoned from a residential to a co...[More]

Old Fire Station Location Could Possibly Be Rezoned as Commercial Property

The old Central Fire Station at 2150 Clinton Street was closed down earlier this year due to poor co...[More]

Old Fire Station may be rezoned - Hearing Set for Monday

On Monday, October 27th the Planning Commission will hold a public hearing for the rezoning of the p...[More]

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