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Meridian Township Large Dog Park Welcomes Obstacle Course Equipment

The Meridian Township Large Dog Park now has new obstacle equipment for your furry friends. The e...[More]

Meridian Township Large Dog Obstacle Course Project

During the pandemic it has been hard to get out and exercise, but as restrictions loosen and as publ...[More]

Planning Commission Addresses Golf Course Green Space

The Planning Commission addressed two articles of unfinished business at their meeting on August 28,...[More]

Lugnuts Place Miniature Course On Big Diamond

Perhaps, as a minor league baseball organization, the Lansing Lugnuts thought it would only be prope...[More]

Deer Harvest to Continue, Despite Obstacles

Chronic Wasting Disease in Meridian Township almost stopped this year's deer harvest program, howeve...[More]

Local Golf Courses Vandalized

Two local golf courses were vandalized at the end of November. Police are still investigating th...[More]

Defensive Driving Course

The Police driving course was a program set up to help kids as they become solo drivers. They each ...[More]

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