Local Golf Courses Vandalized

Local Golf Courses Vandalized

UPDATE: OKEMOS - Meridian Township Police responded to the destruction at College Field Golf Club off of Hagadorn road on Oct. 21st.

A ford F-150 pickup truck was left on the scene after it had gotten stuck on the course.

The vandalism which occurred on Meridian Sun Golf Course on Oct. 29th involved symbols that were dug up on the greens.left the greens unusable.

Meridian Township Police Lt. Greg Frenger said, "We’ve had two incidents at the area golf courses. The one incident was a vehicle that had driven off the road and left after it became stuck. The owner of that vehicle reported it stolen from East Lansing. The second incident was symbols that had been dug up at a different course in the greens.”

Frenger stated that there have been no leads on for either case

ORIGINAL STORY: OKEMOS - Two local golf courses were vandalized at the end of November.

Police are still investigating these crimes.

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