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Municipal Building HVAC Replacement Bids Approved

On Tuesday, March 31 the Meridian Township Board held their first virtual meeting in wake of COID19....[More]

Solar Panels Installed Outside Meridian Township Municipal Building

Solar panels have been installed outside the Meridian Township building. This project started ba...[More]

Proposed Gun Legislation May Take Local Municipalities To Court If They Attempt to Restrict Firearms

Whether or not firearms should or should not be restricted has consistently been a topic of conversa...[More]

Municipal Buildling Parking Lot Improvements

If you've tried to visit the Municipal Building within the past couple of weeks, you may have notice...[More]

Parking Lot Improvements Being Made at Meridian Township Municipal Complex and Service Center

Potholes and other parking lot issues will soon be smoothed over at the Meridian Township Municipal ...[More]

Meridian's Municipal Building Adds Decor

Seasons may be changing and leaves might be falling, but that doesn't stop Meridian Township from ad...[More]

Charrette Open House at Meridian Township Municipal Building

Members of Meridian Township were invited to help brainstorm ideas for what they want to see for the...[More]

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