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Change in Michigan Concussion Laws

On June 30th of 2013, the state of Michigan enacted a law regulating sports concussions and return t...[More]

Bus Drivers Stress Importance of Following Safety Laws

School is now in session, and cars will once again share the roads with school buses. For eight y...[More]

New Laws Affecting the 2015-16 School Year

The school year is almost here, and while students in Meridian Township and surrounding areas may be...[More]

Construction Of New Fire Station Will Continue To Move Forward Despite Lawsuits

The new fire station to be built on Central Park Drive in Meridian Township has gotten the go-ahead ...[More]

Seasons May Change, Laws Stay the Same

If you are looking to burn material this year or just have an occasional laid back bonfire, the Meri...[More]

New State Laws Go Into Effect

Find out what Right to Work could mean for you....[More]

Michigan Foreclosure Laws

Watch InnerView to find out all you need to know about foreclosed homes....[More]

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