Judge Agreed to Dismiss Lawsuit Against Governor Whitmer

Judge Agreed to Dismiss Lawsuit Against Governor Whitmer

LANSING - Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is being sued by 5 businesses and the GOP. The lawsuit cites speculative modeling on the infectiousness and lethality on the new coronavirus. According to the suit, Whitmer's orders shuttered civil society, placed 10 million people under house arrest, and took away jobs from 1.2 million people without due process of law.

The suit claims the Governor did not disclose data or methodology to create the modeling that purportedly justifies this extreme action. Butzel Law Firm says, "Whitmer issued stricter and confusing Executive Orders that unreasonably and unnecessarily interfered with the Plaintiffs’ constitutional rights."

The five businesses named in the lawsuit are all from the Metro Detroit Area. The businesses involved in the suit are Southey's Realty, Intra Co Corp, Saite Intraco, Executive Property Maintenance, and Bahash and Company.

Also mentioned in the suit is Robert Gordon, the Director of Health and Human Services. Gordon mentions in the suit, "Under the threat of strict penalties, businesses have been forced to close which greatly affects their business, depriving them of their liberty, and property interest without due process."

However, the judge agreed to dismiss the lawsuit against Governor Whitmer saying, "Claims that the order infringed on their constitutional rights were not strong enough due to the severity of the pandemic."

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