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Okemos Solar Race Club Prepares for Competition

The students of Okemos High School have a brand new addition added to their after school extracurric...[More]

Haslett Robotics Club Gets Ready for Regional and State Competitions

Haslett Robotics Club is consisted of kids from the Haslett district but adjoining areas as well. Th...[More]

Sleepy Hollow Neighborhood Petition for Water and Sanitary Sewer

After Meridian Township received two valid petitions, a new business item was brought forward to the...[More]

CATA Responds to Petition From Local Businesses Opposing BRT

CATA Assistant Executive Director Deb Alexander responded on behalf of CATA to an informal petition ...[More]

Petition Submitted to Township Board Opposing Proposed CATA's Bus Rapid Transit Project

A petition opposing the proposed CATA's Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project was submitted by owner of A ...[More]

Capital City Stealth Swipe Right Past the Competition

It was the beginning of a new era for the Capital City Stealth, as they played their first game at t...[More]

"Don't take from our kids to fix Michigan's roads" Petition Circulating in Response to Road Funding Plan

Michigan law makers are currently involved in a lame duck session. One of the biggest issues being ...[More]

Local Programming Places in National and Regional Competitions

HOMTV continues to find success at regional and national competitions earning 9 awards this year fro...[More]

Petition for Perry Road Paving

Meridian Township's Public Works and Engineering received a petition to complete the paving of the 5...[More]

Meridian Township Board Receives Petition To Pave Local Road

A Meridian Township road may see a repair in its near future. The Meridian Township Board recentl...[More]

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