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Consumers Energy Gas Line Replacement Operation

Since mid-May Consumers energy has been working to replace and upgrade vintage 1950s steel main lin...[More]

Whitmer Urges Cooperation on Recovery Plan and Budget

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer urged the Legislature to work with her on the Michigan COVID recovery plan and...[More]

Potter Park Zoo Operational Millage Interview

HOMTV’s Brandie Yates speaks with Dennis Laidler, the Education Curator for Potter Park Zoo, about t...[More]

Operation Lifesaver Prevents Railroad Accidents

Since 1972, Operation Lifesaver has been an aide in preventing railroad accidents. Volunteer Cur...[More]

Operation Backpack Helps Children Get Ready to Go Back to School

As the summer is nearing its end that means the start of the new school year is right around the cor...[More]

Operation Gratitude Fundraiser

The Haslett American Legion held a tailgating fundraiser on Saturday, Sept. 19 while the Air Force f...[More]

Central Fire Station Ceases Operations

Falling tiles, water damage, mold... All reasons that the Central Fire Station has seen its last day...[More]

Agricultural Operations Amendment

The Right to Farm is now a hot topic in Meridian Township. The proposal calls for establishing ...[More]

Operation Homefront Helps Out Military Kids

With the school year not too far away, one group is making life a little bit easier for students wit...[More]

Operation Safe Driver

The Michigan State Police recently spent a week cracking down on driving violations for commercial v...[More]

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