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MSU Museum to Open New Exhibit for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

In the aftermath of the Larry Nassar abuse, and during Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the Michigan ...[More]

11th Annual Student Art Exhibit at MSUFCU Headquarters

On Wednesday, February 28, it was the 11th Annual Student Art Exhibit where the award ceremonies wer...[More]

MSUFCU Holds Their 11th Annual Student Art Exhibit

The Michigan State Federal Credit Union (MSUFCU) had their kickoff VIP event for their 11th annual S...[More]

Harris Nature Center Welcomes Two New Animal Exhibits

If you're visiting the Harris Nature Center you might see a new exhibit that looks empty,but the new...[More]

MSUFCU 10th Annual Student Art Exhibit

On Tuesday, Feb. 23rd Michigan State University Federal Credit Union (MSUFCU) held its 10th annual s...[More]

MSUFCU High School Art Exhibit Awards to be Presented

The MSU Federal Credit Union (MSUFCU) will award high school artists on Sunday, February 28th. M...[More]

An Exhibit to Memorialize Michigan Female Veterans

March is Women’s History Month, and a time to pay tribute to those women who make the nature and our...[More]

2nd Annual Adoption Children's Art Exhibit

St. Vincent Catholic Charities held their 2nd annual Adoption Children Art Exhibit. It’s held every ...[More]

Domestic Violence Exhibit

Watch InnerView to learn about a new exhibit that brings awareness to a worthy cause. ...[More]

Harris Nature Center Habitat Exhibit

Tune in to Meridian Magazine to see what new additions are coming to the Harris Nature Center!...[More]

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