Harris Nature Center Welcomes Two New Animal Exhibits

Harris Nature Center Welcomes Two New Animal Exhibits

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - If you're visiting the Harris Nature Center you might see a new exhibit that looks empty,but the new resident is just probably sleeping.

"This is our new Eastern Screech Owl, her name is Calypso which means to conceal," explained Harris Nature Center Park Naturalist Kati Adams. "So she camouflages really well. She’s very difficult to find in her enclosure, but she's also only been here 6 days so she's a little nervous."

Calypso is also nocturnal, just like all owls, so daytime visitors may not see too much of her at first. Adams said, "We've kept the corner dark, they're no lights in her habitat so that we can encourage her to come out at least in the afternoon, if not early morning for people to see. But it might take a little while."

Calypso has a permanently injured right wing, so she can no longer fly. Adams explained her enclosure is designed with the ability for her to hop to the next level, so she can move around without injuring herself.

The Eastern Screech Owl isn't the only new resident, the Harris Nature Center also has a new Honey Bee enclosure in the library.

Visitors will notice a curtain covering the windows around the enclosure, in which you just lift up to look inside. Once you're done looking Adams said it is important to make sure you cover the bees back up."If we don’t put a sheet over they will actually will start putting wax on the widows of it and then nobody can see in. So if you keep it dark they keep the wax off the glass and that way everybody can see it," explained Adams.

The Honey Bees do have a pathway in order to go outside and pollinate local plants. So far the Harris Nature Center isn't sure what they’'ll do with the honey from the beehive, but Adams said. "We’re kinda hoping that maybe you know in the future might be able to give out so samples of Harris Nature Center Honey, that would be wonderful!"

The Honey Bee Exhibit will not be available in the winter. Beekeepers from the Michigan Beekeepers Association will take them and care for them during the winter months.

All animal exhibits are open for visitation during the Harris Nature Center's normal hours, which are Tuesday-Saturday from 9am-4pm. For more information please visit their website.

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