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Meridian Township's 2019 Deer Management Program Begins

This week was the start to the 2019 Deer Management Program in Meridian Township. The program is...[More]

Meridian Township's 2019 Deer Management Program to Begin

At the September 17th Meridian Township Board Meeting, Parks and Land Management Coordinator Jane Gr...[More]

Members attend Meridian Township Deer Control Archery Workshop

The Deer Hunting Archery season is one week a way. Meridian Township put the process in gear, beginn...[More]

Residents Aid in Deer Management

Meridian Township is allowing qualified residents an opportunity to practice one of their favorite h...[More]

Deer Management Program Has Already Reached Last Year's Numbers

The Meridian Township's Deer Management Program aims to reduce the number of car-deer collisions and...[More]

More Properties Added To The 2016 Deer Management Program

At their October 11 meeting, the Planning Commission unanimously voted to add 6 parks to the 2016 De...[More]

The Deer Management Program Offers Solutions to Overpopulation

The 2016 Deer Management Program was discussed at the September 20th Township Board meeting. Som...[More]

Deer Still Being Tested for Chronic Wasting Disease

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has been working with the community in an effort to hel...[More]

Deer Harvest to Continue, Despite Obstacles

Chronic Wasting Disease in Meridian Township almost stopped this year's deer harvest program, howeve...[More]

Deer Car Related Crashes Increase During the Months of October and November

October in Meridian Township means many things, including an increase in deer movement. Drivers ...[More]

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