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Difference Between Redi-Ride & CATA BRT

Years ago, CATA was voted best transit system by the American Public Transportation Association. ...[More]

CATA Addresses Citizens About BRT Plans

The Capital Area Transportation Authority, also known as CATA, presentations in Lansing, East Lansin...[More]

CATA's BRT Project is Still in the Works

The Capital Area Transportation Authority, also know as CATA has been working on a Bus Rapid Transit...[More]

The Meridian Township Board Passed a Resolution 4-1 Opposing CATA's BRT

With the Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA)’s plan to construct a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) ...[More]

What's Next for CATA BRT

Construction is a long way away, but CATA is still in the planning phase of their Bus Rapid Tran...[More]

CATA Responds to Petition From Local Businesses Opposing BRT

CATA Assistant Executive Director Deb Alexander responded on behalf of CATA to an informal petition ...[More]

Residents Opposed to Upcoming CATA BRT Project

The Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA) is planning to improve their overall bus service by...[More]

CATA Updates Meridian Township On BRT Project

During the August 4th Township Board meeting, Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA) Assistant...[More]

Bus Riders Speak Up at the CATA BRT Meetings

Residents of Meridian Township voiced their opinions about the future of the bus rapid transit along...[More]

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