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HOMTV Extends Internship Application Deadline

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work in the television industry? HOMTV provides the...[More]

Ingham County 2022 Community Agency Application Process Begins

Every year, Ingham County provides financial support to community agencies that are non-profit organ...[More]

LEAP Accepting Applications for Ingham County Sunrise Small Business Program

It is no secret that small businesses across the country were negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pa...[More]

Township Board Approves Meridian Township Redevelopment Fund Application

The Meridian Township Redevelopment Fund application was approved two weeks earlier than anticipated...[More]

Michigan Launches Online Absentee Ballot Application

Michigan residents have a new option to apply for an absentee ballot. The state has launched an onli...[More]

Parks Commission Recommends Grant Applications for Harris Nature Center and Towner Road Park

The Park Commission approved two recommendations regarding grant applications to apply for this year...[More]

Campus Village Communities Withdraws Application for "The Square"

“The Square,” formerly called “The Avenue,” was a mixed-use project approved by the Township Board e...[More]

Local Schools Receive More Money And School of Choice Applications Roll In

Now that's school's out it's time to forget about for the next three months, right? Well that's not ...[More]

MSU Record Applications

MSU received a record breaking amount of applications for Fall 2012, with a few interesting changes ...[More]

Park Grant Applications

The Meridian Township Parks & Recreation Department is currently seeking grants to renovate two of M...[More]

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