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Home Heating Credits for the 2012 tax season

Local residents could qualify for home heating credits. Watch Meridian Magazine for details. ...[More]

Transportation Funding Bills: Will you pay an additional tax?

Gas tax to pay for five proposed transportation bills....[More]

Tax Season Delay Almost Causes Crisis

Tax returns for the 2013 tax season...[More]

New Credit Card Charges may apply to shoppers

With the swipe of a credit car, you could be charged extra fees. Find out more about this on Meridia...[More]

Township Stands to Lose from Tax Reforms

Newly signed tax reform laws mean big savings for small businesses in Meridian, but big losses for t...[More]

Personal Property Tax

Members of the House Tax Policy Committee voted to pass the Personal Property Tax reform which is sa...[More]

State Proposal 5: New Taxes by State Government

With so many campaign and election commercials sending different messages, how much do you really kn...[More]

Personal Property Tax

Ever worried about what new legislation will do to Meridian Township? Watch Meridian Magazine to rel...[More]

Animal Shelter Tax Donations

Michigan animal shelters are to revive more that one hundred and thirty-four thousand dollars throug...[More]

Senior Tax Preparation

AARP tax aide volunteers are on-hand to help seniors with tax preparation. ...[More]

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